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[06 Jan 2015|10:43pm]

Friends only.

Ask and I might add you.
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[26 Nov 2008|03:59pm]
Susan (the nurse at work) drenched my steri strip with peroxide Monday after work. We finally got it off. She was so worried that she was going to rip the stitches out. The peroxide finally loosened it and...there were NO STITCHES! The scar is kind of scary looking and there are a few crusty things on it that the surgeon said will wash away. I met with him yesterday. He said the incision looked great (ew) and I can start applying vitamin E and stuff.

Tonight, Catie Schadlick arranged for all the Salem people around for Thanksgiving to meet out and have drinks. I'm psyched. I haven't seen some of these people in years! Then Friday Gary and I are going to Best Buy and buy his TV. I want to look at car radios too...who knows what else we'll find. My bank account will probably be in the negatives when I walk out. I want to buy DDR for Gary's new PS3. Hilarious.

Work has been SO BUSY. I'm so excited to have tomorrow and Friday off. Even though I was out for a whole week 2 weeks ago, it was not a nice vacation for me. It was pretty much the worst week of my life. Thanks by the way to everyone who came to visit me in the hospital and brought me gifts. I love you!

Losers. [09 Aug 2008|02:51pm]
No one ever comes to Gary's games. Ever. This happened last year too. He does so much shit for everyone. He goes to everyone else's shit. He says yes yes yes to EVERYONE. People from work ask about his games and they never support him and go. Yet, if they need someone to help them move or whatever it may be, who do they go to? Gary. Because Gary's easy and lets everyone walk all over him. Gary's dad doesn't even go to his games. He doesn't even ask him about them. I have never even seen one FRIEND at a game. It's pretty sad. What are people going to do when Gary actually says no sometime? I think it bothers me more than it bothers him.
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